Pactra Laquer Racing Finish

Please note this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase online. We still have a small supply left for local purchase.

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Dear Valued Partner,

I am writing to inform you about changes that are taking place at the Testor Corporation. For over 80
years, we have provided premium paints and finishing systems to the craft and hobby industry. Today,
we announced that we are transforming our business in order to more effectively address the changing
needs of our consumers and their interests.

Weve made the decision to exit the following businesses within the Testor® Brand family - Pactra®,
Floquil®, Polyscale®, and ColorArtz®. This will enable the Testor Corporation to return to our foundation
of success providing premium, innovative product that inspires creativity. We will continue to accept
orders and ship product for a limited time based on available quantities.

Going forward, the following brands will be critical to our success and development Testor®, Model
Master, and Aztek®. These brands will be infused with marketing support, innovation and operational

In support of this, we have announced a consolidation of operations at our Rockford facilities. Over the
next several months we will provide updates critical to your order and delivery needs as well as product
availability. We assure you there will be no disruption to service during this transition.
Our commitment to the Testor brand has never been stronger. By implementing these changes, and the
ability to leverage all of Rust-Oleums world class services, we are more strongly poised to take your
business to the next level through product and merchandising innovations, and increased customer
intimacy. Please contact me or your sales manager directly with any questions.

We appreciate your business!

Best Regards,

Kristin J. Schiro
Director of Sales & Marketing

Pactra R/C Racing Finish is specially formulated to be applied to the inside of popular Lexan R/C car bodies and provides a durable flexible finish that can stand up to the extreme demands of R/C Racing.

  • For airbrushing use #RC68 Thinner
  • Mixture Ratio: 9 parts paint to 1 part thinner.
  • Compressor regulator setting: 20-25 PSI
  • CAUTION! If RC68 thinner is used full strength from the bottle or if too much is used in the thinning ratio, it will destroy the body!
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