Drag Racing Bodies

Drag Racing Bodies

Drag Racing bodies for 1/24 scale slot car drag racing come in a wide variety of models and styles.

Drag bodies are either clear Lexan or white Styrene.
Lexan bodies are masked and painted from the inside of the body and offer a shiny finish. Lexan bodies must be painted with a polycarbonate compatible paint to prevent the paint from chipping.

White Styrene bodies are prepared and painted on the outside like you would a typical model. Many styrene bodies include either molded clear windows (made of Lexan), or a clear sheet of Lexan to make your own windows.

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1934 Ford STock
1934 Ford STock..
Altered Ford Rodster
Altered Ford Rodster..
Assorted Logo Dragster Body
Assorted Logo Dragster Body..
Blue/Pink Painted Dragster Body
Blue/Pink Painted Dragster Body..
Blue/Silver Painted Dragster Body
Blue/Silver Painted Dragster Body..
Colored Butterflies Dragster Body
Colored Butterflies Dragster Body..
Dodge 2006 Charger Stock
Dodge 2006 Charger Stock..
DRS '99 Prostock Camaro unpainted clear drag body
1999 Prostock Camaro Body ..
DRS Dodge Stealth unpainted clear drag body
Stealth Body ..
DRS old Style Mini Cooper unpainted clear drag body
Old Style Mini Cooper Body ..
DRS PT Panel Truck unpainted clear drag body
PT Panel Truck Drag Body ..
Flags with Eagles Dragster Body
Flags with Eagles Dragster Body..
Green/Yellow Painted Dragster Body
Green/Yellow Painted Dragster Body..
Leopard Skin Print Hydro-Dipped Dragster Body
Leopard Skin Print Hydro-Dipped Dragster Body ..
Lime Green/Fuchsia Painted Dragster Body
Lime Green/Fuchsia Painted Dragster Body..
Multi Colored Swirls Dragster Body
Multi Colored Swirls Dragster Body..
Mustang Coupe Styrene
Mustang Coupe Styrene..
NHRA Dodge F/C Styrene
NHRA Dodge F/C Styrene..
Nostalgia Omni F/C
Nostalgia Omni F/C..
Orange/Yellow Painted Dragster Body
Orange/Yellow Painted Dragster Body..
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