Cahoza #277 Tornado 5 ceramic magnets for "C" cans

Cahoza #277 Tornado 5 ceramic magnets for "C" cans
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these popular magnets are produced from special Japanese material, they are manufactured using anisotropic technology and after zapping the magnetic lines are radially oriented, their magnetic strength is higher by 10% than Mura or Tornado 3 magnets, height 14.15mm (.555"), length 11.5mm (.453"), thickness 3.95mm (.155")

Technical info:

Cahoza Tornado magnets were developed and tested for 2 years. Magnets are made very precisely, their height, lentgh and thickness are ground. We compared Mura cryogenized to Tornado 2 magnets when testing. The result was that characteristics are the same in the beginning, but after approximately 100 laps the Tornado 2 magnets were faster by 0.05s. These tests were repeated many times to exclude measurement errors. Cahoza guarantees that all magnets are matched. Cahoza Tornado magnets are legal from January 1st 2006 for USRA. Every magnet is measured by professional Gaussmeter using a special device that shows total magnetic strength. This value is then written onto each magnet and then magnets are matched and divided to standard magnets (Tornado 2) and extra strong and revolutionary new Tornado 5. No magnet producer does this. Cahoza guarantees accuracy and quality of magnets. New Tornado 5 magnets are legal for USRA since 2007 and they are the best magnets available at the market.

Height .550
Length .450
Material Ceramic
Segments 1
Thickness .150
Type C-Can

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