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Illuminated Multipower Head Magnifier
Features: Multiple Coated Acrylic Lens Multiple Magnification from 1.5x to 10.5x with 3 Lens..
JK 1.5MM Allen Wrench for Falcon Motor Screws
Knurled Aluminum handle with replaceable 1.5mm tip, for Falcon/Hawk Motor Screws ..
JK 5/64 Allen Wrench for Motor screws
5/64 Long reach allen wrench for motor screws. Aluminum handle with knurled grip for slip resistant ..
Guide Nut ..
Guide Nut Wrench ..
Tire Storage Rack ..
K&S #430 Needle File Set
K&S Needle File Set, 10 Files with assorted shapes and a handy vinyl storage pouch ..
K&S 0-80 Precision threading tap
0-80 Precision Tap ..
K&S 2-56 Precision threading tap
2-56 Precision Tap ..
K&S 4-40 Precision threading tap
4-40 Precision Tap ..
K&S mini wire bender
K&S mini wire bender ..
Koford 003 sideplay adjusting tool
.003 Side play adjusting tool for 3/32 axles. Allows you to quickly get the perfect side play every..
Kolhoza Deluxe straightness checker with indicator, 0-10mm range, metric, Check the straighness of a..
Kolhoza Axle Straightness Checker w/Indicator
Kolhoza Axle straightness checker with indicator, 0-2mm range, metric, Comes in plastic carry case ..
Kolhoza Tubing Cutter Stand
Kolhoza Tubing Cutter stand With this tubing cutting jig you can make clean cuts of your tubing and ..
Parma 6 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set
Handy six piece mini screwdriver set includes various size regular and phillips head tips in plastic..
Proxxon Micro screwdriver set
Miniature screwdrivers for electronics, cameras, jewelry, mechanics and model builders Featur..
Slot Fox 0.032 pin tube reamer
.032" High Speed Steel Reamer, Made in the U.S.A., Use to precisely ream pin tube to exactly .032" ..
Slot Fox 1.5mm pinion reamer
1.5mm High Speed Steel Reamer, Made in the U.S.A., Use to precisely pinion gears to exactly 1.5mm ..
Slot Fox 2mm reamer
2mm High Speed Steel Reamer, Made in the U.S.A., Use to precisely ream oilites, hubs or other materi..
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