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Pro Track Classic Series CNC Drag Front Wheels, 3/4 O-Ring, Red

Pro Track Classic Series Drag Front Wheels are CNC Machined for accuracy. The wheels are approximately 3/4" in diameter and included are two sizes of O-Ring fronts giving you more options to achieve the desired look on your masterpiece race car.

The wheels without rubber are .675" in diameter, with the small (0.100") rubber the finished diameter is .788", with the larger (0.138") rubber the finished dimension is .878". A popular trick is to true the rubber O-Ring down to create a flat spot and more scale looking front wheel.

The width is .120" with an extended hub for a total width of .250 (1/4"). The Axle bore is 1/16" and can be fitted on piano wire or brass pin tubing for the axle.

The wheels are anodized red, then final a final machining to hi-lite the design features.

We also stock many sizes of rear wheel to match for a uniform look

Drag Wheel
Diameter 3/4
Finish Red
Rubber O-Ring
Style Classic
Axle Size 1/16"

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