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BOW Kiwi Pee Oil

Ah, but B.O.W. KIWI - PEE is truly unique!!

Some background... Team B.O.W. 's top racer, Chris Radisich, is familiar to most of you as the imediate Past Director of the national USRA, or as perhaps the most underrated pro driver currently residing in the USA, or simply as the guy who is likely to beat you if you enter major races anywhere in the state of California. What you may not know is that in addition to his racing and InfoTech skills, he is also the son of a leading oil refining, blending, and marketing family in his native New Zealand. Almost a year ago (we test thoroughly here at BOW!) Chris had the company chemists blend an oil with unusually high tenacity by virtue of the specific additives used. As I understand it, refined oil is pretty much the same worldwide. To target it for specific applications, additives are employed. Specific goals might be to vary the viscosity, allow detergent action, withstand high pressures, or, as in this case, make it stay where you put it. It just plain sticks to metal substrates better. Great for both bushings and bearings, I can testify to reduced wear on both shafts and bushings.

Chris and I (and several friends) have used it in races all over, with great results. Chris won all three class series he was entered in in NorCal SCRA, as well as the GTP race at the Div.II Nats. He was also second in the Eurosport 1/24 at the nats. Les Wright, who gave it its sorta racy name, used it to finish second at the World's G7 race at BPH in May. We were surprised to find him using it as braid juice as well.

To round out its exceptional all around utility, I even use it as comm cutting fluid. Doesn't fly off the spinning comm too easily, doesn't evaporate, but is easily removed with naptha.

The final piece of the puzzle was finding the appropriate container. We now make this oil available in a 15ml. (bit over 1/2 oz.) poly bottle with aluminum threaded top fitted with a 20 guage stainless needle. The slip on sealer cap is yellow to go along with the blue color of the oil (we're fond of blue and yellow here at BOW - see our logo).

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