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DiFalco 1/24 Geneis HD30 conversion module w/ 3 ohm Pro rheostat
Genesis Module with Pro brake. Their HD design has 30 bands for excellent speed control in the turns..
DiFalco 1/24 Scale Power Transistor
Replacement Transistor for DiFalco Electronic Slot Car controller ..
Difalco 113 Ohm Standard Resistor Network, 16D - G20
Standard Resistor Network. 113 ohm, faster response for 16D, G12, G15 and G20 motors. Miniature p..
Difalco 180 Ohm Standard Resistor Network, Flat Track
Standard Resistor Network. 180 ohm, slower response for flat track scale racing Miniature plu..
DiFalco 3 ohm brake rheostat w/off
Brake rheostat, pro, variable with off position.  for all brands.    &nb..
Difalco 78 Ohm Standard Resistor Network, G15 - Open
Standard Resistor Network. 78 ohm, very fast response for G15, G20, G27 and G7 type motors. Minia..
DiFalco Blast relay
40 amp (70 amp surge) high power relay installs easily on main wires. Includes instructions for a..
DiFalco Design Custom resistor Network
Custom Resistor Network. Very Fast response. 33 each of 3 different value resistances for customi..
DiFalco Design West Coast Network
Custom Resistor Network. Very Fast response. 33 each of 3 different value resistances for customized..
DiFalco DIY Controller Frame, Wire, BB Kit
For all Genesis modules with relays. Now includes our ball bearing kit. New instructions with photos..
DiFalco Drag Relay
40 Amp Relay and Wiring to add a blast relay to your controller ..
Difalco Drag Transistor Replacement Kit
3 Transistor Kit replaces all silver or dual transistor designs. New fuse upgrade. Now with 50% High..
Difalco Economy Brake Rheostat
Replacement for all Difalco and other brand 1/24 controllers. 5 ohm. ..
Difalco Genesis Pro 1/24 Controller Module, Econo Brake
Difalco Genesis Pro controller module Convert your parma turbo controller to a fully features..
Difalco Sensitivity Rheostat
Replacement for all 1/24 and 1/32 Difalco controllers. ..
Koford Controller Transistor
replacement transistor for Koford Electronic controllers. Fits the following models: M580..
Koford Self resetting transistor circuit breaker
Protects controller transistor against burnout. Suitable for all classes of cars including opens...
Parma Alligator Clip Boots
3 boots, 1 red, 1 white, 1 black for common alligator clips ..
Parma Aluminum Barrel Type Resistor Heat Sink
Heat Sink for Resistor based controllers ..
Parma Black Lexan Controller Handle
Replacement controller handle,Black Lexan. ..
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